Seminar 26.8.2013

Sosiaalisen median tutkimuksen verkostoitumisseminaari
26.8.2013 klo 13.00-16.00 /
Social media research networking seminar
August 26st 2013, 

Sosiaalisen median monitieteisten tutkimusprojektien yhteistyön kehittäminen /
Developing multidisciplinary social media research projects

Paikka: Seminaarinmäki, Historica-rakennus, huone H320 /
Venue: Seminaarinmäki campus area, Historica building, room H320

The seminar was based on the premises that social media is studied from various points of view and with multiple methods: Some scholars are experts in developing technical tools for data gathering and others develop societal and more human centered research questions and qualitative approaches to studying and gathering (big) data. Professionals again create innovative use of social media and tools and also simultaneously create new research data. By efficient cooperation among scholars from different fields and the professionals, more innovative and comprehensive research could be conducted and the much needed interdisciplinary research could be actualized.

The seminar comprised of discussion, group work and brainstorming. In addition, future objectives of the network and seminars were planned.

As a result of the networking seminar, collaboration projects were initiated among the participants and the network was decided to be named Social Media Research Institute – SOMERI.

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